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OrganicLand protein powder is naturally honest, made with earth grown ingredients and is the purest form of protein on the market. Both our plant protein and whey protein is a complete protein including all nine essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. OrganicLand protein is fast digesting and supports muscle building, fat loss and endurance for all levels of athletes in combination with healthy diet and exercise. But wait, there's more! When you purchase our all natural protein, you are also donating to a charity! That's right, some of the proceeds from your purchase are donated to our chosen charity of the month to help those who need it most right now! So it's essentially supplements with cause. 

OrganicLand plant based protein is flavored by stevia leaf so you never have to worry about the negative health effects linked to refined sugars. OrganicLand Whey protein is the only on the market that is flavorless. Stevia flavored sold separately. Now you can enjoy one tub of protein with the option of having a different flavor everyday! You will never get tired of your protein flavor again!! Plus, it doesn't ever hurt to know your purchase is helping a non-profit organization who needs it most. All natural protein with a big heart.

View the different natural protein powders we have for sale such as our plant-based protein, all-natural sweetener & whey protein! We solely promote products we have personally taken to ensure we are being 100% transparent with our customers every time. Transparency and charity are our two biggest business models!