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Our mission is to empower you to live a happier and healthier life. OrganicLand has always stood for a better tomorrow – where health and humanity thrive. To us this means helping support natures health, while nature supports your health. Every OrganicLand Membership purchase 100% of the membership proceeds goes directly to supporting nature in preventing wildfires and climate change. Additionally, for every purchase with or without membership 5% of the proceeds is donated. Each quarter we announce the non-profit organization that you help support!

Quality Formula

Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to find quality products nowadays. It can take our PhD chemist months to years to perfect each and every product before we put the OrganicLand name on it. By the time our products are ready for purchase, rest assured they have been tested and tasted numerous times to ensure consistency, quality, results and most importantly that they are NATURAL! When you see the OrganicLand bottle in your pantry, know that it is the highest quality supplement, naturally honest and is made with earth grown ingredients.

Practice What We Preach

We don’t just make products at OrganicLand, we use them. From our closest family members, trainers, representatives and the founders we are all committed to bettering our bodies and leading healthier lives with Organicland supplements.

Who we are

Founders of OrganicLand, Arnold and Brittney grew up on the west coast and both share a passion for health, fitness and the outdoors. Together we own a gym and have a combined total of 17-years’ experience in the fitness and medical fields. Before developing OrganicLand Supplements we had a mission, to recommend a product we were confident would help clients reach their goals without sacrificing their well-being. With extensive research, we were shocked by the number of products containing artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners and more. Having a medical background, we knew we could make a difference to do better by developing a natural supplement line and to go against the industry trends of artificial ingredients and labels you cannot even read. This is why we have dedicated years to ensure we, along with our chemist have produced the HIGHEST QUALITY and BEST TASTING all-natural product line OrganicLand. When we say made by earth grown ingredients this is what we mean! Today, we continue to push the supplement industry forward and demand better products as health is and always has been number one priority. With our growing business we decided not only to make a difference in your health but in the health of mother nature. And with your help, every purchase you make a difference in supporting this cause. 

We stand for a purpose. Help us make a difference.

PB&J OrganizationThis month's proceeds from all purchases go to the well known and kind hearted organization, PB&J. This wonderful group's mission is to ,"help at-risk children to grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community." We encourage you to donate in your free time as well, to help these lovely children in need.

All Natural Supplements + Donations = OrganicLand