Personal Training vs Group Training –

Personal Training vs Group Training




Group training has become popular in the last five years. It seems there is now a class for everything; from hot yoga, spin, barre, Crossfit, HIIT, you name it. 


But if you’re someone who would rather spend the rest of your life eating spinach than have to go to your friend’s spin class, or if you spend the entire 45 minutes in a HIIT class staring at the clock and the exit, then group training may not be your thing.


And hey, that’s all right. 


Despite the rise of group fitness, the tried and true one-on-one personal training still provides superior results and techniques for the large majority of people. 


So let's compare the differences and see if you prefer to opt for individual training or group classes.

First Things First: Safety

No matter how much energy an instructor is putting into a group class to make it fun, that’s not their first priority. At least, it shouldn’t be.


Any instructor’s first and primary role is to keep any client safe, with a focus on good form and proper alignment, regardless of the exercise performed. 


That’s why it’s important to note that in any group class, an instructor's attention is understandably divided among the number of participants. This can often result in clients with reduced supervision, minimal safety, on account of performing with questionable form.


That is where personal training has the advantage.  During one-on-one training  you have one hundred percent of your teacher’s attention. As a result, it will be safer and better controlled for proper anatomical form and alignment.


Therefore, if you are someone who is new to exercise, is getting back into it after some time away, or has a pre-existing injury, then consider working with a trainer one-on-one before diving into the group classes.

What Motivates You?

If you’re motivated by high-energy, loud music, and mantras of motivation, then group workouts might be for you! 


However, just showing up to a high-octane group training session isn't always enough. Afterall, the substance and content of a workout determines your actual results, not strobe lights and loud music.


In personal training, your each and every move is motivated by a trainer who is familiar with you: your weaknesses, strengths, and unique requirements. Plus, with a personal trainer, your results and progress are tracked and acknowledged consistently, providing the powerful motivator of positive reinforcement. 


No matter what workout you choose, remember that realistic goal setting is key to establishing and maintaining results. Be wary of workouts that promise movie star results in minimal time. If you expect dramatic results and don't get them immediately, you'll find yourself shopping for a new workout or giving up altogether, which no one wants.


Working with a personal trainer will ensure your motivation and workouts remain consistent. Starting with a custom-built program that establishes your true starting point is the true key to your success.

So What’s Right for You?

It’s important to remember that every person who exercises brings their own story. Family history of disease, medications, personal history of diet and exercise, individual motivation style, and your own physical body type. 


Of course, budgets vary and personal training is often at the top of the pyramid in regards to expense. However, personal training sessions are also at the top of the pyramid  in terms of results. 


Plus, personal training exists in many formats, from trainers inside big box gyms to those that visit you at home.


But if you are someone who thrives on the energy of others, then consider group training. Not only is it typically more cost effective than personal training, but you might find that the high-energy of group training is what keeps you motivated.


No matter what you choose, personal or group training, the bottom line is always: What works best for you? 

In the end, whichever one will keep you motivated and continuing to exercise regularly is the best one for you.