Eating on the Road –

Eating on the Road

Eating Healthy On The Road

As the world begins to warm up around us with the arrival of spring, that means only one thing: vacation is just around the corner.


Weekend getaways, road trips, drives down to the lake or ocean. 


Now comes the flip side of the coin: eating healthy while traveling. 


It’s easy to eat healthy and stay on track when you’re sticking close to home where your routine is. But when you venture out — into the world of roadside food, drive-thrus, and what have you—that’s another situation. 


You’re surrounded by temptation; you’re completely out of your routine, and you will constantly tell yourself that you’ll be back on track just as soon as you get home.


Been there, ate that. 


Luckily, there are a lot of great tips for eating healthy while traveling without having to stick to iceberg lettuce and tomato slices at every stop. 

Rules For Eating Healthy On The Road

First, let’s start out by establishing a set of rules to stick to while traveling. 


  • Keep driving past the fast food.
  • Eat only the snacks you packed when possible.
  • Stick to menu options that aren’t swimming in butter and gravy. 
  • Keep yourself busy with road games, reading, anything because this helps you avoid eating out of boredom. 
  • Research healthy snacks you can grab at pit stops.

Tips For Eating Healthy On A Road Trip

1. The Best Laid Plan


The first tip is to plan.


Yes, we know it’s supposed to be a getaway but do your future self a favor and plan in advance as much as you can.

If you know your destination, look at a map from your starting point to your ending point. Consider how many times you’ll have to stop (for food, for rest, or for the night).


If possible, pack meals for yourself and your fellow travelers. This will help you avoid fast food places and greasy spoons. 


If packing your own meals isn’t an option, find restaurants that you can eat at that have healthy options on their menus. Most restaurants have their menus available online, and you can figure out exactly what you’re going to eat before you even get there. 

2. Keep Track


It sounds simple and yet people tend to never do it: keep track of what you’re eating. 


When you’re on the road, it can be easy to forget that you snuck a Snickers in at a rest stop. That’s why it’s important to document everything you’re putting in your body while trying to stay on goal during travel.

3. Indulge Once In a While


Rules are made to be broken. It is a vacation after all! You’re supposed to enjoy it. So once in a while, let yourself enjoy whatever you want, be it a dessert, a killer margarita, whatever! 


However, one of the worst things you can do is give up completely after you allow yourself to indulge. Don’t let it be your excuse to stop eating healthy and staying on goal. 


If anything, it will help you see what eating junk on the road really does do to your body, and it’ll inspire you to continue on the right track.

Again, don’t forget to have fun with this. Make this part of your healthy eating planning as enjoyable as the rest of your planning.


The goal is to enjoy.  So do that.